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Open Port Medical and Trading Corp. (OPMTC), formerly known as OPT, has been a prominent supplier and distributor of both new and refurbished surgical tables, anesthesia machines, patient monitors, OR lights, hospital beds, stretchers, and a diverse range of used medical equipment for over three decades.


Our team

OPM Trading Corp. is a direct importer offering immediate savings of 50% to 70% on refurbished equipment for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, surgical centers, and diagnostic centers. In addition, OPM provides a wide range of hospital garments and offers biomedical repair services and calibration with certificates. Choose OPMTC for exceptional quality in all our products and services.


Welcome to OPM Trading Corp., your trusted direct importer and provider of cost-effective solutions for the healthcare industry. With our comprehensive line of refurbished equipment, hospital garments, and biomedical repair services, we aim to help hospitals, rehabilitation centers, long-term care facilities, surgical centers, and diagnostic centers save costs without compromising on quality. Read on to discover the numerous benefits of partnering with OPMTC.

Refurbished Equipment: Immediate Savings and Superior Performance

As a direct importer, OPM Trading Corp. specializes in offering refurbished equipment that delivers significant savings compared to purchasing new equipment. Our expert technicians meticulously refurbish and restore equipment to meet high industry standards, ensuring reliable performance and durability. By choosing our refurbished equipment, you can save an impressive 50% to 70% of the cost of new equipment, freeing up valuable resources for other critical needs.

Hospital Supplies: Enhancing Patient Care and Comfort

OPM Trading Corp. understands the importance of providing hospitals with high-quality supplies that contribute to patient care and comfort. We offer a wide range of hospital garments, including scrub suits, patient gowns, operating room gowns, bed sheets, and pillows. Our garments are designed with both functionality and comfort in mind, allowing healthcare professionals to carry out their duties with ease, while patients experience optimal comfort during their stay. We accept made-to-order requests in both small and large quantities, ensuring that hospitals can meet their specific supply requirements.

Biomedical Repair Services and Calibration: Reliability and Compliance

Ensuring the accuracy and reliability of medical equipment is crucial for healthcare facilities. OPM Trading Corp. provides comprehensive biomedical repair services and calibration, backed by our team of skilled technicians. We offer meticulous repairs, maintenance, and calibration services for a wide range of medical equipment, ensuring that they meet industry standards and regulations. With our calibration services, you will receive a certificate of compliance, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the accuracy of your equipment.

OPMTC Commitment to Quality:

At OPM Trading Corp., we take great pride in delivering the highest level of quality in everything we do. From our refurbished equipment to our hospital supplies and biomedical repair services, we strive for excellence in every aspect. Our team of professionals ensures that all products and services meet stringent quality standards, enabling you to provide exceptional care to your patients while optimizing your budget.


Partnering with OPM Trading Corp. enables healthcare facilities to access cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our refurbished equipment offers immediate savings of 50% to 70% compared to new equipment, while our hospital supplies enhance patient care and comfort. With our biomedical repair services and calibration, you can ensure the reliability and compliance of your medical equipment. Trust OPMTC for the best in quality, efficiency, and savings for your healthcare institution. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us provide you with tailored solutions that meet your requirements.