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HP Codemaster Defibrillator

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Product Details

Made in USA, Fully Refurbished.

This versatile, high-quality unit charges from 0 to 360 joules in under 5 seconds.

Plus it's packed with standard features you normally won't find in a defibrillator/monitor at this price.

The HP CodeMaster XL+ provides true 1-2-3 operation, built-in pediatric paddles under slide-off adult paddles, preset heart rate alarms, a high-capacity battery, built-in diagnostics, and auto gain--which automatically sizes ECGs on its large, 5-inch display. Backup battery for almost 2 hrs/ ECG monitoring

Not only does the CodeMaster deliver all the speed and performance you need in general care, but it also offers you a variety of advanced options, Hands-off Pacing function, Event Summary, a paddle-to-patient contact indicator, a high-visibility yellow case, and hands-free defibrillation. So it can easily be tailored to fit your needs.

Includes User Manual, Electrical Safety Test, Calibration with Certificate.